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Resolution 2000-1

Legal Case

[The Town of Ophir unanimously approved the following resolution on July 18, 2000. David Glynn, as mayor, and Lawrence Van Hoey, as town clerk, signed the original document.]

Resolution 2000-1 Supporting Preservation of the Telluride Valley Floor as Open Space

Whereas, the General Assembly finds that the preservation of open space and natural viewscapes is essential to the preservation of the unique lifestyle and environment of this region; and,

Whereas, the General Assembly finds that the San Miguel River and its riparian areas are invaluable and irreplaceable natural resources that must be protected, restored and preserved for current and future generations; and,

Whereas, the General Assembly finds that the reduction of potential development by the preservation of open space will promote the health and welfare of our regional community;

Now, Therefore, be it resolved by the General Assembly that the Town of Ophir hereby supports all efforts to diligently pursue preservation of the Telluride valley floor as open space and further supports the respectful cooperation by all involved parties to reach a solution that reflects the wisdom of our generation and our respect for future generations.




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